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Today, furnishing needs in activity-based offices and educational environments run the gamut depending on users’ role, personality, and even current mood. Your clients depend on you to figure out the interior where all those varied requirements are met; our multitasker Hive is up to the challenge! 

A work station where no other furniture piece would fit

Photo Credit Catharina Fyrberg

Hive creates a workplace where no other furniture piece is thinkable. Placed in a trafficked passage, the pod chair replaces a bulky desk. Additionally, it offers just enough shielding to feel both undisturbed and connected – a winning combo at any office! Created by the hands of a talented Scandinavian furniture designer, Hive is both a “fashion statement” and a practical solution that increases the number of workplaces – and thus guests! – who can with benefits exploit otherwise unused surfaces.

What is so special about Hive?

Environmentally conscious Scandinavian design

Designed in the best traditions of ergonomics and sustainability, Hive features a great number of functions that make it a worthwhile investment:

Test-Confirmed Sound Absorption

One of the chair's foremost functions is sound absorbing and channeling; according to the tests carried out by Research Institutes of Sweden, Hive doubles down the experienced ambiance noise for users.

Interior Designer's Fave

Features like privacy protection, improved room acoustics, great seating comfort, lockable spin and rocking feature, durable frame and eco-label upholstery materials make Hive popular among interior designers.

Privacy Protection

The enveloping shape allows for reading and working on private and sensitive data without having to worry about someone else seeing it.

Eco-Label Fabrics

Durable fabric designed for a non-domestic setting. Repels dirt and moisture. Fire retardant and eco-labeled.

Telefonbås fåtölj Hive

Decadent Seating Comfort

Den mjuka vadderade rygg- och sittdyna ger en behaglig sittkomfort. Hive är utrustad även med en rogivande gung funktion.

Improved Room Acoustics

If the person sitting in the HIVE is on the phone, the outgoing sound is reduced. The noise level is perceived as more than halved by those present in the room. The perceived noise level in the room more than halved for those sitting in Hive